Keep the price of healthcare down, SAY NO to fraud!

Medical aid fraud is one of the largest and growing problems that we are facing in South Africa. It contributes to the overall high cost of healthcare and occurs at all levels.

Libcare pays millions of rands in member claims every year. These claims are funded by the contribution income that you as a member make to the Scheme. Fraud can significantly reduce the amount available in the Scheme to pay your claims, and also causes your contributions to be higher to cover any losses and the costs to the Scheme of maintaining fraud management processes.

People who commit fraud don't just steal from the Scheme, they steal from you and other members. For details on the types of fraud and how they are committed, please check out pages 5 and 6 of the Benefit Guide.

Libcare subscribes to a whistle-blowing approach which advocates the principles of the South African Protected Disclosures Act 26 of 2000. Therefore, in terms of this approach, all whistle-blowing reports are treated as confidential. Libcare has a zero tolerance approach to fraud. You play a vital role in ensuring that the funds in your medical scheme are not subject to fraud.

Help make medical cover more affordable by reporting fraud. You don't have to give your name. You just have to tell us if you suspect fraud.

If you suspect any fraud has been committed, report it to Libcare's confidential Fraud Hotline 0800 004 500.

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