If you are expecting a baby, we want to make sure that this is a time of celebration!

The information below details how Libcare covers pregnancy and childbirth.

You will also find information on what you need to do to register your baby with Libcare so he or she has cover from day one.

Consultations with GPs and specialists

Out-of-hospital consultations and visits will be paid from your available Day-to-Day Benefits.


2D pregnancy scans (months 3 and 6) are limited to two scans for each pregnancy, and Libcare pays for these scans from the Preventative Care Benefits.

Hospital admission

Before you go to hospital for any planned procedure, you must authorise your hospital admission with us beforehand as hospital cover is not automatic.

You must authorise your admission to hospital at least 48 hours before you go in (we advise at least a month before your delivery date). We need to know so we can give you information that is relevant to how we will cover your hospital stay.

Cost related to childbirth

The Scheme covers the costs related to the confinement (actual birth) up to the Scheme Rate from the Major Medical Benefit.

Register your baby

Please apply to register your baby within 30 days of birth. After 30 days, Libcare may impose underwriting.

  • There is also a risk that all claims associated with the baby's medical care will be rejected if he/she isn't registered.
  • Documentation required: A fully completed Application for registration of a newborn baby, together with a birth certificate or hospital registration certificate if the birth certificate is not immediately available.
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