Submitting Claims

To ensure that your claims are settled as soon as possible, please follow our claims submission process.

To further reduce the turnaround time for processing of your claims, may submit your claim directly to us via e‑mail or fax:
· e-mail:
· fax: 021 673 9582

Report Healthcare Fraud
Confidential Fraud Hotline
0800 212 638

LIBCARE pays millions in member claims every year. These claims are funded by the contribution income that you as a member make to the Scheme. Fraud can significantly reduce the amount available in the Scheme to pay your claims, and also causes your contributions to be higher to cover any losses and the costs to the Scheme of maintaining fraud management processes. To read more, click here

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

  • To access your 2018 AGM documents - click here
  • The AGM documentation pack (excluding the Annual Financial Statements which is a large file size), will be sent to members via email by 18 May 2018, and it will be posted to members for whom we have no email address registered. If you have not received an AGM documentation pack by 5 June 2018, please call our Contact Centre on 0800 1222 73 during office hours.

Libcare 2019 Member Notice

Click here to view the 2019 Member Notice

Important Notice
  • The Libcare Member Guide and Member Notice for 2019 have been placed onto the website under the Benefit Guide and Member Communication pages.
  • Members will receive their individual Member Benefit Guide and Member Notice via email within the next week, and will be posted to members with no e-mail address.

Information leaflets and Brochures

To download these brochures click here


Liberty Portal


To report unethical conduct, call our anonymous fraud hotline on 0800 21 26 38.