Getting to know your Oncology Programme

The oncology programme manages benefits for members and dependants with cancer, once the patient is registered on the Cancer or Oncology Management Programme. If the patient is not registered, Libcare may reject the claims or pay them from the day to day cover (which could deplete those benefits very quickly).

Once you are registered on the programme for the benefit year, Libcare provides cover as per the table below:

For Bone Marrow Transplants, the harvesting, transplantation and anti-rejection medication will fall under the Major Medical Benefit. Treatment prior to transplantation, such as Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, are categorised under the Oncology Benefit. Prior approval from Libcare is required before commencing any work-up for the Bone Marrow Transplant. The treating Doctor has to send a treatment plan and any supporting documentation to the Libcare Oncology Management Department. Once approved, a letter of authorisation will be sent to you and to the Doctor. You will then need to contact Libcare Approvals on to obtain authorisation for admission to hospital. Donor-search cover is limited to the Republic of South Africa.

Very important to note: No benefits will be granted without preauthorisation having been obtained for hospitalisation and treatment for Bone Marrow Transplants. Should you have any queries with regard to the above, please contact the Libcare Oncology Management Department on 0800 12 CARE (2273) or email

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